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Mac and Alex at Auburn Swim Camp 2006 TP(ing) Toomers Corner

To Honor Mac's Life

The Mac Crutchfield Foundation was set up to honor the life and passion of Mac Crutchfield. Mac tragically passed while playing in a downpour near his home. A child playing just as a child should. Mac was a dedicated and accomplished swimmer on the Area Tallahassee Aquatic Club team.

In order to keep Mac’s dream and passion alive Mac’s family established the Mac Crutchfield Foundation.

What's the Vision?

Our vision is to inspire everyone to swim. We are passionate to provide swim lessons in communities by creating relationships among swim schools and local organizations. We work with our partners to create engaging programs that enable everyone to be active, have fun and stay healthy through swimming. Ensuring that people are safe in the water is of paramount importance to us and so we will continue to work closely with partners to keep water safety high on local and national agendas. At our heart, we are a membership organization that is dedicated to develop and support the success of pro-swimming programs and initiatives.


We wanted to be really clear about who we are, what we stand for and what we do. We are incredibly proud of our son Mac and we’re not throwing away any of our tradition. In fact, the Mac Crutchfield Foundation remains our nonprofit’s name. But we’re expanding our reach beyond those that knew Mac and we want to reflect that in our name. says what we do – we are all about helping people learn how to swim and to enjoy the water safely. We want healthier, happier and more successful people through swimming. encompasses that vision and it is the perfect brand to take us forward as we aim to get everybody swimming.

What's the Approach?

Our vision is everybody swimming, and our strategy sets out how we are going to bring all aspects of the swimming sector together to achieve this. Our strategy, which is called “Until Everybody Swims”, is true to our core principles of making sure everybody has the opportunity to learn how to swim, everyone is supported to swim regularly, and everyone is able to reach their potential in swimming.


Because we don’t own our own pools or swimming programs, our role is to support those who do by bringing together the swimming community and bringing to light greater opportunities by working collaboratively. We bring new partners together to help make swimming a popular activity in every community. By doing this, we hope to reach people who may never have thought swimming was an option for them to inspire them to pick up their towel and head to their local pool.

How are we Causing Change?

Our role is to bring organizations together to create great programs and sessions that people want when they go swimming.

We are already working with a range of new organizations and creating new partnerships to match what people want and work together to deliver it. Our partnership with Local Swim Schools like FSS "Florida Swim School in Boca Raton" has shown how successful this can be with the number of individuals they were able to serve as the 2018 grant recipient.

We are also focusing on bringing the swimming sector together. Our Founder, Maggie Crutchfield, chairs our organization.  Her role is to bring together commercial funding bodies and third sector partners to address key issues. By creating one voice for swimming we can ensure key issues such as facility provision and water safety remains on the national agenda.

We'll advocate for you! Become a member today.
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