Meet Olympians Ryan Lochte, Caeleb Dressel, Jan Swiztowski, 3x Olympic Gold Medal Water Polo Coach Dénes Kemény of Hungary and 3x Olympic Diving Coach Randy Ableman of USA . Mac Crutchfield Foundation is hosting a VIP Meet & Greet; Aquatics Clinics (Swimming, Water Polo, and Diving); Brunch with Live/Silent Auction with Olympians

Swimming Could Solve
99% of the World's Problems

The benefits of swimming are numerous, significant, and undeniable. From the very young to the very old, the very slow to the very fast, those with injuries or degenerative conditions, pregnant women, beginner to serious athletes, and fitness buffs, swimming positively affects many aspects of life, including physical, mental, and emotional well-being. encompasses that vision pushes the benefits of swimming forward as we aim to get everybody swimming. More than anything, Mac loved to swim. We honor his legacy by spreading his love for the water.


Mission Statement: The Mac Crutchfield Foundation strives to prevent drowning through education and to provide swim lessons to residents in communities in need.  

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To Honor Mac's Life

The Mac Crutchfield Foundation was set up to honor the life and passion of Mac Crutchfield. Mac tragically passed while playing in a downpour near his home. A child playing like a child should. Mac was a dedicated and accomplished swimmer on the Area Tallahassee Aquatic Club team.

In order to keep Mac’s dream and passion alive, Mac’s family established the Mac Crutchfield Foundation a non-profit organization.

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Our Main Initiative

A traveling clinic hosted by Olympic swimmers to help clubs support drowning prevention, connect with the community, and simultaneously introduce new swimmers to the sport, and help reduce the number of non-swimmers worldwide.

Programs we Support

  • Drowning Prevention

  • Swimming Programs 

  • Special Needs Swimming

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