To Honor Mac’s Life


The Mac Crutchfield Foundation was set up to honor the life and passion of Mac Crutchfield. Mac tragically passed while playing in a downpour near his home. A child playing like a child should. Mac was a dedicated and accomplished swimmer on the Area Tallahassee Aquatic Club team.


In order to keep Mac’s dream and passion alive Mac’s family established the Mac Crutchfield Foundation. The Mac Crutchfield Foundation has two streams of giving to the world to honor Mac’s passion:


College Swim Scholarships

Mac dreamed of swimming in college on his way to the Olympics. Many kids would love to be able to swim for a college team but there are a very limited number of swim scholarships throughout the country and that number is shrinking. The Mac Crutchfield Foundation would love to make it possible for many more you people to enjoy the thrill of being on a college swim team!


Special Olympics Swim Meets


He had a special place in his heart for his Special Olympics teammates. He cheered extra loudly for them and he always had ahug for their efforts. Mac said that he was so impressed with how hard these Special Olympians worked. Mac would be proud that we put so much effort into annually putting on a first class meet for his Special Olympics Friends!


We hope you will find it in your hearts to help keep Mac’s passions and desires alive and thriving by donating to the Mac Crutchfield Foundation.